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Tricks to take care of your garden in summer

With the arrival of summer, come the dreaded high temperatures, extreme in many places. that affect both people and animals and plants. That is why it is important to provide our garden with the necessary tools so that plants, trees and flowers suffer as little as possible. Think about table saw for beginers?

Here are some tricks to take care of your garden, big or small, during the summer:

  • Watering: the soil dries out more quickly, so watering is essential. However, you need to know when to do it. The best time is early or late in the day, among other reasons to avoid burning plants and flowers. In addition, you should choose to water abundantly but less and less time to accustom the roots to seek moisture from the soil and acclimatize to the hot environment of these months.
  • Fertilizer: During the first and summer, our garden demands more nutrients than during the rest of the year, hence the need to provide them so that the activity of our plants continues.
  • Lawn: Don’t be obsessed with having it perfect. With a normal watering, without watering it, it can survive perfectly. If you don’t mind, when you cut it, you can leave a layer on top of it as this way you will be protecting it from the direct incidence of the sun’s rays.
  • Pots: and what do we do with the plants we have in pots? Ideally, you should prevent the sun from hitting them directly; if you have the option of moving them around, that’s fine. Otherwise, another option is to protect them with some kind of fabric or material such as heather. And of course, they need water, more than the plants that are directly planted in the garden soil.
  • Fruit trees: one of the great enemies of this season is not heat, but birds. Protect the fruits with some net that does not allow them to enter, but take care also that they do not get trapped. To fight the heat, the tricks are the same as for the rest of your garden.

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