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An epochal step, Regina invents the maintenance-free chain

Lubricating the motorcycle chain is undoubtedly one of the most tedious operations that we must do to extend the life of the final drive and therefore bring a lot of savings to our wallets. More here yourmotobro.com. An often uncomfortable operation that, if not done well and with the right products, causes a lot of dirt on the rear rim of our bike and beyond.

What Regina has invented is undoubtedly something extraordinary. One of those inventions that mark the world of two wheels, exceptional progress, which will save motorcyclists time and money by optimizing the duration of the entire chain, crown, and pinion assembly to the maximum. Below is the press release.

CERNUSCO LOMBARDONE (LC), 4 SEPTEMBER – Regina presents the innovative and revolutionary Z-Ring High Performance Endurance (HPE) chain , which eliminates the periodic re-lubrication carried out by the motorcyclist every 1,000 km.

Numerous laboratory and road tests show that the HPE chain achieves a useful life at least equivalent, if not greater, than that of a traditional Z-Ring chain regularly re-lubricated.

The hydrogen free Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon (ta-C) coating , currently considered the most advanced of the DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coatings , is applied to the surfaces of the bushings and rollers of the HPE chain.  The ta-C coating, combining the high hardness of the coated surface with a low coefficient of friction, reduces the dissipation of energy in the secondary transmission and therefore increases its efficiency.

The elimination of chain cleaning operations and lubricant splashes while driving minimize the environmental impact.

The innovative ta-C coating process was developed with intense R&D work by Regina technicians and is entirely carried out in our factory in Cernusco Lombardone (LC) in Italy.

“The elimination of periodic re-lubrication and the greater efficiency of the transmission raises the HPE chain to an extremely advanced technological level compared to traditional chains with gasket, unthinkable until now and unmatched on the market;” said Paolo Garbagnati, CEO of Regina. “We wish to thank all those who have allowed us to reach this important milestone, including all the passionate motorcyclists who, in a confidential and professional way, have contributed to the project with multiple and extensive road tests.”

The transmission with the HPE chain does not require the use of coated sprockets and sprockets. The HPE chain will be available on the aftermarket from January 2021.

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